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SWe specialise in organising and arranging specialised seminars and conferences. We follow current developments, and prepare our conference offer based on thorough research. We emphasise the superior standard and expertise of our speakers and the applicability of the provided information in practice. You can rely on our team, which has several years of experience in the field and a number of successful event references. We also offer the complete or partial organisation of corporate and social events and specialised sectoral conferences in the Czech Republic and abroad. Find more in the What we do section.

We are a socially responsible company and organise a majority of our activities in cooperation with the MATERNUM non-profit organisation, thus giving employment to participating mothers on maternity and parental leave.

What we do

We arrange the organisation of your corporate and social events. We have experience in organising scientific congresses, sectoral conferences, specialised seminars, workshops and exhibitions. We can organise receptions, celebrations, parties, teambuilding events, expositions, presentations or promotional events. We will help you prepare your presentations, leaflets and other promotional materials to maximise the opportunities to promote your company at our events. We will arrange specialised training for your speakers so they feel entirely at home on the podium.

Contact us and we will arrange full service for your event – creative and technical design including a straightforward budget, sponsoring, a suitable representative venue, equipment, catering, interpretation services, accommodation for your participants and guests, PR, marketing, graphic design and printing of materials, a website with online registration, gift items, hostesses, onsite organisation and even more! We will prepare everything from A to Z!

Who we support

Being a full-time mother while maintaining an active career and working on personal development - this is the approach to maternity which Maternum offers mothers. The aim of the Maternum non-profit organisation is to give mothers opportunities, both in terms of career and education, which will help them to maintain and further develop their expertise and experience. Job opportunities are adapted to the qualifications and capacities of mothers, so as not to be at the expense of the children.




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